Teen fun facts-50 Random Mind-Blowing Fun Facts

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Teen fun facts

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Teenagers can be tricky creatures: one moment they're insisting, "I'm not a child!

  • They are dramatic, irrational and scream for seemingly no reason.
  • The teen birth rate has been steadily falling for years, but it still remains the highest teen pregnancy rate in the industrialized countries.
  • Our focus on sustainable healing puts teens and young adults on a pathway for success.

If you judge solely by pop music, being a teenager is epic and effortless. Sounds great—unless you've ever been a teenager yourself, and then you know it's totally bogus. Not only are teens today not "setting the world on fire" with any regularity, but they're also struggling to get through the day with even a shred of self-esteem and a healthy resting heart rate. The only people who think teenage years are the best years of life are those too far removed from their youth to remember it with anything remotely accurate.

Also, the teenage experience has gotten substantially worse in recent years, thanks to things like the Internet and social media, and neurologists are actually busy studying teenage brains right now to find out exactly how bizarre things are getting.

If you've been having a rough day, we have just the pick-me-up for you. Here are 20 facts that will remind you how excruciatingly awful it can be to inhabit a teenage body, why it's harder now than ever before, and why you are so, so lucky to have those years in your rearview mirror. It's amazing that teens today have any free time to interact with the outside world, given how much time they devote to what's happening on the Internet.

According to a report from Common Sense Media, teens spend an average of nine hours online every day. And if you thought high school bullies were bad, wait until you hear about cyberbullies. That's right: Today's teens with smartphones spend a full workday's worth of time—plus overtime! And, as you'll learn, spending a lot of time online is a recipe for feeling terrible about yourself.

And if you suffer from smartphone addiction yourself, check out these 20 Great Ways to Kill Time without a Smartphone. Suffering bullies is easily one of the worst things about being a teenager. Yes, bullies can now practice their craft at any time or place, not just during school hours. But we're not talking about just name-calling, taunting, or lunch-money theft. No, one of the worst forms of cyberbullying is the insidious spreading of false information that can damage not only someone's self-esteem but also his or her reputation.

According to StopBullying. That's right: cyberbullying for all parties involved can have consequences that truly echo through life well into adulthood. Teens these days have to juggle countless extracurricular activities covering a variety of disciplines if they want to distinguish themselves from their peers in admissions offices across the nation.

In fact, recent studies have shown that the burden of all these activities on young teens can be too much. Nothing hurts quite as much as the first time you fall hard for somebody until, one day, they reach into your chest, pull out your still-beating heart, and throw it to the floor before stomping on it repeatedly.

Hey, it happens to the best of us. But that time your girlfriend or boyfriend dumped you at the school dance? Or in the school parking lot? Or at the drive-in? Guess what? Today, kids don't even go as a far as to even tell the other person they're breaking up with them.

Or they engage in some "breadcrumbing. You're not alone. Just know that young love today has never been so complicated or painful. I honestly wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Today's kids don't think it's unusual to go to school and see armed security guards, metal detectors at every entrance, and policemen who walk them through active shooter drills. Teens love their earbuds, but they're not always careful with the volume control. Studies have indicated that one in every five U.

How terrifying! A survey in the U. According to other reports, social media has been credited for helping spur the sharp rise in eating disorders in recent years.

And society is increasingly bombarded with celebrities and airbrushed images which give an impossible view of what 'beautiful' is. Every kid dreams of being a beloved celebrity one day, whether it's acting, playing sports, or becoming an astronaut. But in today's day and age, being famous isn't just a fun daydream to pass the time. No, today's kids experience an immense amount of pressure to garner as many followers and likes as they possibly can, building their "brand" from an early age.

And when you were 16 years old, you thought your science project was stressful! Parents are hardwired to embarrass their kids, but at least back in a pre-Internet age, they had limited opportunities to do so. But now all parents are on social media, finding new ways to mortify their teen children in front of their friends.

Is there anything as horrifying as Dad "liking" or heaven forbid, commenting on a photo of you and your teen pals? Fact: If a teenager has done something stupid, it was probably to impress another teenager.

While the life of a teenager might seem carefree compared to the average adult's, they actually process the information around them differently. In retrospect, Saved by the Bell and Beverly Hills: seem so quaint. It was on the air for five years, and it had a character who got married twice before graduating high school. Truth be told, it's great that these shows are exploring important, real-life issues. But where's the escape? It's no wonder everyone just wants to watch comic-book movies!

Researchers from Korea University in Seoul conducted MRS scans on teens diagnosed with Internet or smartphone addictions, and found that all that screen time was altering their brain chemistry. They had increased levels of a neurotransmitter in their anterior cingulate cortex that inhibited or even slowed down their brain signals. We're not going to throw around loaded accusations like "texting is making teens dumb.

But their MRS scans are kinda calling them dumb. And that's if you go for something middle-of-the-road. Don't even think about enrolling in an Ivy League school unless Daddy is rich or you're planning on winning the lottery. This is the kind of thing that keeps a teenager awake at night, and it's reason one New Jersey teenager sued her parents for tuition costs. According to some stats, nearly "30 percent of all data transferred across the Internet is porn.

Modern teens are smart enough not to smoke cigarettes because they know it can kill them. Instead, they're addicted to JUUL, a highly potent e-cigarette that might be killing them, but nobody really knows yet. The article then observed: "Students at her school are Juuling in bathrooms, in class, and on the bus.

Because it's against the school's rules, they hide the devices in ceiling tiles and in their bras and underwear. It's not just that they don't feel like doing their chores and finishing their homework and emptying the dishwasher. Their brains just don't work like that. In a study published in the medical journal Child Development , researchers found that teenagers have "cognitive limitations"—namely, the part of their brains responsible for multitasking has yet to be fully developed.

They'll eventually get up to speed, but for now, they can barely focus on just brushing their teeth without getting distracted. As their bodies start to change and they're brimming with raging hormones going off like Molotov cocktails, teenagers have a tendency to sweat. Like a lot. In fact, science shows that excessive sweating, also known as "hyperhidrosis," really kicks into high gear in adolescence. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, six teenagers die each day, on average, from auto accidents in the U.

It's not that teenagers are incapable of operating a motor vehicle, it's that they're incapable of operating a motor vehicle when there's another teenager sitting next to them. Studies have shown that the odds of a teenage driver getting into an accident jumps by 44 percent when they have a friend in the passenger seat.

What are they all so sad about? Well, pretty much everything you've just read about. All Rights Reserved. Open side menu button. Meet the new teen starter pack: Tide pods, smartphones, and tons of stress. By Bob Larkin September 13, Read This Next. The real story behind the NCAA basketball tournament's bankable nickname.

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Kappeler EM. Alternitevely, you can track Viber messages on their iPhones or any other messaging platforms for that matter. This may explain why the Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all schools start at instead. There was a point when Cyborg tries to create a new team of Titans. Another problem facing teen mothers is the use of drugs and alcohol, including cigarette smoking. Wally points to yours truly, the original show. Tell Me.

Teen fun facts

Teen fun facts

Teen fun facts

Teen fun facts. The Teen Brain Shuts Down When You Nag


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Using a mixture of surveys and focus groups the Dolly Youth Monitor has been tracking teenage trends for over two decades. Based on the up-to-date insights provided by the survey, here are twenty things you should know as an educator or parent involved with teenagers today. One in three has parents who never married or who are no longer married.

The number of teens with smartphones has doubled in two years. Bullying is still one of the biggest concerns for young people. Online bullying of teenage girls has increased massively in two years. Losing their virginity begins in this age group. Four in five who are sexually active use a condom. The safe sex education message is getting through.

Smoking is on the outer. However, drinking alcohol is still popular. Forty-one per cent say they have been drunk, and the average age that this group first tasted alcohol was Everyone does it. And their parents make it easy for them to drink. Thirty-four per cent of teens in the year old age say their parents have bought them alcohol. How a girl looks is linked to her weight. The number one reason girls want to lose weight is to look good.

Interestingly, the same reason holds true for boys. One in two teenagers feels constant pressure to keep up-to-date with social media. Teens are a lot smarter about using Facebook than two years ago. They are safety conscious too. Girls are selective in their use of social media. You should. Google them to find out. Teens today are uncertain about the future. Their biggest worry is getting a good job, followed by the need to make money and achieve financial security.

This is perhaps due to the global financial crisis of and the resultant conservative approach to finances shown at home. This leads girls in particular to invest in their future. They like to help. Eighty-one per cent of teens say they would like to volunteer their time to help others.

Girls drive themselves harder than boys. Stress is coming from everywhere. Pressure to stay up-to-date and present the best possible image on social media is also a source of stress. There would have been few surprises here for many teachers or parents who are in touch with the lives of young people today. In fact, these findings will confirm much of your experience. However the thing that stood out for me throughout this process was that young people today live with pressure.

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Teen fun facts

Teen fun facts