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The ridged band is a band of highly innervated wrinkly skin toward the end of the foreskin. It has, especially in regard to phimosis and preputioplasty , been called preputial ring or phimotic ring , ring being analogous to band , referring to the shape, and preputial meaning pertaining to the prepuce. John R. Taylor, MB, a Canadian pathologist and medical researcher , first used the term "ridged band" instead of "wrinkly skin" and described the ridged band at the Second International Symposium on Circumcision , organized by NOCIRC in San Francisco, , after examining the foreskins of 22 adults obtained at autopsy. The term ridged band was subsequently used by Taylor in an anatomical and histological study of the foreskin published in the British Journal of Urology in

Rumpled foreskin forest

Rumpled foreskin forest

Rumpled foreskin forest

Rumpled foreskin forest

Fine-touch pressure thresholds in the adult penis letter. Jayhawk Taylor postulates that "the ridged band with its unique structure, Rumpled foreskin forest corpuscles and other nerves, is primarily sensory tissue". Clock it A male Butt sherry a huge amount of foreskin that looks rumpled. Mike Foresoin Showing Beautiful - made me play with my willy too! The prepuce: Specialized mucosa of the penis and its loss to circumcision.

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Glosbe English. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Got it. English Serbian. English - Serbian. In primates, the foreskin is present in the genitalia of both sexes and likely has been present for millions of years of evolution.

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Rumpled foreskin forest

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Top definition. A male with a huge amount of foreskin that looks rumpled. I anit sucking that cock , look at the rumpled foreskin. Rumpled Fore Skin sex. Reference to the penis of a non-virgin who is uncircumsized. Rumpledforeskin unknown. A character of folk myth and fable known for his cruelty, a pitiable cruelty that tales tell is an outward manifestation of psychological scars inflicted as an infant during a botched circumcision performed by a vagabond rabbi using crampons and, inexplicably, a spinning wheel.

Also used to apply to those with a similar affliction. Yes, I see it, and see why now your nickname is Rumpledforeskin, rabbi. When a chick gives you a wank but she pulls your foreskin back so hard it nearly rips it straight off your dick!

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Rumpled foreskin forest