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With the spawning runs of striped bass still underway, Hudson River anglers are becoming concerned about rumors of a possible ban on targeting the big fish up and down the East Coast. I started getting calls about six weeks ago raising an alarm about possible size and creel limit changes. The commission represents 15 Atlantic Coast states from Maine to Florida. The report projects that an increase in the minimum size for the coastal striped bass fishery from 28 inches to 35 inches in may be necessary. Striped bass are under heavy pressure from overfishing, not just by commercial interests, but by recreational anglers as well.

Rhinebeck striped bass fishing

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My Rhinebeck striped bass fishing is that Hot women in stockings massive numbers of stripers, blues and bait are starting to exit the Bay. A common downrig arrangement is clown-colored No. I came up with one fish, a small schoolie that I caught by luck in one location. Lower Hudson: Buchanan Sports Buchanan. Keepers have been scarce from shore. Upriver and on the west shoreline, bankfishing is accessible Rhinebeck striped bass fishing Nyack Beach State Park and the state access on Rt. I also learned the types of bait to use and the areas best to fish. Boaters can still-fish or troll. After all this lousy weather, last night's sunset at the Bay was a reminder that this time of year can be beautiful here in southern New England. They feed in the top 12 but cruise and rest in the water below that. Mail Licking herslef catch information to that address.

Fishing season picks up steadily in April and May, when striped bass embark on their migration up the Hudson to spawn.

  • The base of the tongue usually has two patches of teeth vs.
  • Stripers enter the Hudson River in late March and early April and can remain until sometime in June, they follow and feed on river herring as they migrate up the river to spawn.
  • One recreational angler suggested closing the river to recreational striped bass fishing.

Sam Suadrito, of Syracuse, with a inch striped bass he caught on a live herring in the Hudson River out of Coeymans Landing Marina in He was aboard Ace Charters. Special to NYup. Jack Moses with his lunker striper that he caught in And when they grab one's bait or lure, they stay deep in the water and pull hard, making several spirited runs. Even salmon don't compare," he said. He added the fish was a big female, full of eggs, and he released it before weighing or measuring it.

At the time, Moses was fishing with Capt. Prime time, though, is usually early or mid-April to mid-May, around Mother's Day - and sometimes , depending on the weather into early June. Star Austin, of Troy, with a The best fishing spots in Upstate New York on the Hudson each spring stretch from around Newburgh all the way up to the federal dam in Troy.

Many anglers noted conditions for last year's spring season were "particularly foul" due to the rainy, windy spring that muddied the waters and made conditions "not ideal for a fair-weather" angler, according to a summary of the season drafted by Jessica Best of the Hudson River Fisheries Unit of the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

Last spring's weather definitely "put a damper" on the number of charter trips and anglers that got out. Some anglers reported doing well, while others not so much, she wrote. This year's run appears to be delayed due to the cold water temperatures. There's a few fish, though," Trenz said.

Booth added, "It often peaks around May 15, and maybe you'll have another good week. After that, then the fish get picky. Following the spring run, the big fish return to the ocean, while some small ones remain in the river for a year or two. There's also often an additional, smaller run of fish during the fall, usually in late September, early October.

It's not uncommon for them to get cancellations -- or for the captain to ask an angler to rebook a trip because of weather conditions or because the fish aren't biting yet. That's my motto," Capt. Eric Lester with his state record striper caught in on the Hudson River. The state record for a striper caught in freshwater is held by Eric Lester, who in landed a pound fish measuring 53 inches on the Hudson River. He caught it on a blood worm. Moses said he's gone striped bass charters the past 12 years on the Hudson, and he hasn't always landed a fish.

However, every year now he takes one precaution in an anticipation of fighting a big striper. I always throw an ice pack in my cooler. It takes the cramps away in my left forearm from holding the pole," he said. The rules, license requirements: There are no changes from last year's season Anglers are allowed to keep one fish per day between 18 and 28 inches, or one that's 40 inches or longer. All other stripers must be released immediately. If an angler is only going to target a spawning saltwater fish such as a striper in the main part of the Hudson River from the George Washington Bridge north to the Federal Dam in Troy , the only license required for anglers 16 years and older is a free Marine Registry permit.

They can be obtained at some municipal offices and at sporting good stores and various bait shops that sell licences. The angler must have the permit in his or her possession while fishing on the river. Pictures wanted:. Land a big striped bass this spring on the Hudson River? Send photos and information to outdoors writer David Figura at dfigura NYup.

Include your full name, where you live, the size length and weight if you have it , what you caught the fish on -- and if you were on a charter boat, give the name of the charter and the guide.

As the season progresses, anglers from the Catskills to Buffalo, from small creeks to Lake Ontario, are landing memorable fish. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved About Us. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of NewYorkUpstate.

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Posted by Dave Pickering at PM. Lures, such as troll plugs like large Rapalas, are good, especially later in spring. MC Mike Corcoran Sep 3, Cast the eel out. Trolling bloodworms during lower tide and drifting with live herring during a rising tide are keys to productive fishing.

Rhinebeck striped bass fishing

Rhinebeck striped bass fishing

Rhinebeck striped bass fishing

Rhinebeck striped bass fishing

Rhinebeck striped bass fishing

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Tuesday, October 22, Disappointing. One big storm after another is killing the October fishing along the oceanfront. We've had three rounds of severe storms in the last two weeks, and each one has come with huge waves and big winds leaving behind a soupy mix of sand and weed in the water.

Yesterday, I could see the brown water extending outward about a half mile in spots. That brown water will drive out both the stripers and the bait and will kill the fishing. It often takes days to clear up. In recent years this month has arguably been the worst of the fall months due to bad weather. Heck, so far this year August and September have been far better than October in terms of numbers of stripers and sizes. In between these October storms I have gotten out on some marginal days.

I've gotten a few small fish. Keepers have been scarce from shore. Seventy guys were out and about fishing. Not one keeper bass was entered keepers had to be 35 inches to enter. It's yet another example of the sad state of affairs we are in with keeper stripers these days. Posted by Dave Pickering at PM. Thursday, October 17, Too Much. Today's conditions along the oceanfront were as severe as any hurricane that's come our way. The waves were enormous and the winds were still gusting so hard you could barely stand.

You couldn't even see the Center Wall. No place along the oceanfront was fishable. And, to add to the misery, the water was sandy and roiled as far out as you could see, conditions that will surely shut the fishing down for days. But, there was still fishing to be had today as I landed several stripers in some protected back waters. It is a good representation of what is going on now. Here is one of many hefty schoolies landed in today's white water surf.

This one hit a bucktail jig fished off a float. The last two days were a study in contrasts and told a lot about which conditions are best for fishing for stripers. Yesterday I fished the oceanfront.

It was calm, windless and tranquil. You could have paddled a kayak to Block Island. It was a beautiful beach day, but not much of a fishing day. I hit multiple spots and burned a lot of gas with little to show for it. I came up with one fish, a small schoolie that I caught by luck in one location. I rarely have hit it big in calm water. Flat water just doesn't do it for stripers, and like the many people I found sitting around in beach chairs, the fish found this to be a lazy type of day also.

Today was a different story. Along the oceanfront the wind was howling out of the southeast ahead of an expected big blow. The water was rough, white and moving. It was charged up conditions, just what stripers love. I caught good numbers of stripers in different locations. Nothing was showing, no bait, no birds diving, but the fish were prowling the white water and hitting.

I'm sure treble hooked plugs would have also worked but the single hooked jigs are so much safer for the fish and easier for the fisherman to handle. We've got some rough conditions coming in the next couple of days. If you can find those spots that offer rough and clean water, you've got a shot at some decent fishing. The stripers are around in good numbers.

Monday, October 14, Photo of the Day One recreational angler suggested closing the river to recreational striped bass fishing. The spring striper season is only about six weeks long, but is significant part of his business.

The debate is by just how much. Jay Martin, a charter captain from Accord, also stated that declaring the striped bass a game fish would help, as would eliminating the trophy fishery. Currently Hudson River anglers are allowed to take one fish a day for which there is a slot limit imposed. It would probably make sense to require that all of them be released. Although that, in and of itself, would cause at least some mortality.

Striped bass size limit could be raised

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Rhinebeck striped bass fishing

Rhinebeck striped bass fishing