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It had been three years. Three whole years of an arm raised to lead an army. Three whole years of watching, seeing, but never being able to speak, to really see him. Three whole years stuck behind the confines of wax and a wall of glass. Three whole years of a hollow, empty feeling slowly growing, consuming him in his frozen state.

Jedediah octavius gay

Jedediah octavius gay

Person B: Take care of yourself. So, enjoy if you can. Imagine Jedtavius as normal size Jedediah octavius gay living together but not together yet, just crushing on each other but neither know it. As B walked out of the school and to their car, A protested the entire way there. Of course not. I miss my little cowboy and soldier night at the museum natm jedtavius jedediah x octavius otp: I ain't quittin you.

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Classic hypocrisy. It was a beautiful friendship in my eyes. The next morning, Dr. Especially the one about bigotry. And to other guys, too! You're inserting your agenda, I'm taking the art at face value. Which leads me to the Lancelot issue. You guys are so Vote for the right one Recategorize. Hand holding for Jedediah octavius gay Romans, Arabs, and Asians has multiple meanings. We're learning now that we have many different ways Showing masterbating expressing ourselves. Steve Coogan.

Jedediah was floored.

  • In Night at the Museum , he is unscrupulous, selfish, arrogant, belligerent, sneaky, cunning, jealous and abusive.
  • First, you clearly state you sought out the article because Octavius shares your sexual preference, and then you ignored everything else in the article.

It had been three years. Three whole years of an arm raised to lead an army. Three whole years of watching, seeing, but never being able to speak, to really see him. Three whole years stuck behind the confines of wax and a wall of glass. Three whole years of a hollow, empty feeling slowly growing, consuming him in his frozen state.

When they woke, their limbs were stiff and their jaws sore, he wanted to run to the cowboy. Every brush of the arm, every flush to his face, every stutter in his southern accent, Octavius had imagined it all. Wishful thinking. Keep reading. When I see things about the Night at the Museum movies, I remember how weird my ships for that movie are. Log in Sign up. Kiss Me Slowly. Nor do I own the Night at the Museum movies. He waited, and waited, staring, eyes locked, hazelnut brown boring into western-sky blue.

Thanks anon! Lightning in a Bottle. Chapter 2 is up. This is done purely as a labor of love. Just Once Night at the Museum fic. Octavius looks up from polishing his helmet. Chapter 4 is up.

Classic hypocrisy. Someone screwed up on this one. When first meeting the exhibit Lancelot , Octavius comments about his "hypnotic blue eyes". In this film there were many chances to Hold hands, Si don't even start with all that. They become fast friends and are not often seen apart after this. Too slow, and the crucial element of surprise is lost.

Jedediah octavius gay

Jedediah octavius gay

Jedediah octavius gay

Jedediah octavius gay

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They are last seen driving in a new toy car hooked to one of Rexy's bones to make him chase them as Nicky rides on him. Octavius goes on a rescue mission to free Jedediah, who has been placed inside an hourglass by Kahmunrah. After acquiring the help of the Abraham Lincoln statue, he rides on a squirrel that he had earlier fought with to go and get the other exhibits, who have formed an Army. They share a friendly moment during Jedediah's time in the hourglass, before Octavius breaks it to free him.

Octavius and Jedediah become lost in the British Museum and have to find a way to get back to Larry and the rest of the exhibits that accompanied him. When about to die in the museum vents Octavius asks Jedediah to hold his hand. Larry saves them by turning off the vents, and then the two miniatures venture through the vents until they jump down into a Pompeii display, which the miniatures do not realize is Pompeii until the volcano begins to erupt. They are saved by Dexter , who Larry sent to find the miniatures.

When first meeting the exhibit Lancelot , Octavius comments about his "hypnotic blue eyes". Near the end of the film, when the tablet is corroding and all of the exhibits are beginning to freeze, Jedediah asks for Octavius' hand.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Portrayed by. Steve Coogan. Contents [ show ]. Octavius and his friends on the Finding Dory Blu-ray. Categories :. Either scripts and active content are not permitted to run or Adobe Flash Player version Wrong categories? Vote for the right one Recategorize. Enjoy this hardcore gay site now. It features all of the hot homoerotic men that you fantasize about.

octavius x jedediah on Tumblr

Jedediah was floored. Everywhere he looked there was movement: a glint of metal here, swishing white linen there, things being passed over tables, hands gesticulating wildly in the midst of haggling.

Octavius grinned magnificently, near-bursting with pride. Jed nodded in awed consent. He had never seen such a crowded place in his life. Even the saloon was never this animated.

They are on their way to the public bath. Jed could feel the blood rushing to his face. He fidgeted slightly and waited for an answer, looking both concerned and extremely bashful. Every entry will be accepted, from drawings, fanfiction, and playlist. We want everyone to be confortable making what will bring the best out of them! Originally posted by undeniablycandycane.

I had a dream the other day where my brother told me not to go see the new Night at the Museum because they made Jed and Octavius hella gay. The Roman whipped his head up to see his friend looking down at him, his blue eyes filled with concern. His eyes were so blue, Octavius could get lost in them. Now I assume you were coming to me to speak with me?

He could never tell Jedediah what was wrong. He would despise him. He would never speak to him again. Men loving other men was practically a part of the Roman culture, but America…being gay was taboo.

They were often even hated. Octavius swallowed. He turned to leave but Jed grabbed his shoulder, forcing him to turn back around. Octavius let out a gasp as Jedediah gripped him by the shoulders, his expression strangely angrily. I promise, whatever it is, you can trust me! Something inside of Octavius snapped and he shoved Jedediah back, making the cowboy squawk in surprise and stumble backwards.

His voice was slowly rising in volume. He breathed heavily and stared at Jedediah, who was looking back at the other man with an unreadable expression. His hands shook so he clenched them into fists, trying to calm himself down. It was now or never. Immediately, it felt as if a great weight had been lifted off of his shoulders. He let out a shaky breath and blinked a few times before continuing.

I think I have ever since the Battle of the Smithsonian. Even when we were enemies, I admired you greatly, and now becoming close to you and being your friend has helped me realize what a truly incredible man you are. Octavius was still flushed red and Jedediah chuckled. At least with me. T'was the day he started taking haircare seriously. Yes, I did. Jedediah was bored, and he waited for his companion while sitting on the ground, playing around with the gun in his hand. He just used it to play around with something when he was bored, and he was bored right in that moment.

Jedediah frowned and leaned against the wall that was behind him. Where was Octavius, and what took him so damn long? Octavius shook his head slowly.

Except for his death, of course. He remembered what kind of person he was, and how much it brought him down. It made him feel uncomfortable, unworthy, and mean. And if he told Jed, what would he think then? Still, Octavius opened his mouth and said something that showed the opposite of the thing his body, glare and voice said. You guys had adoption back then? It was… weird and exhausting to begin with, but the actual Octavius did never worry about it. He did his thing, and he did it good.

First, I had been fighting against a man for some months before we and a third man created a reign together. We fought against the Rebublicans, and we won. But later, when I wanted the full power, I fought against them, too.

And as you can think, I won. I tricked the people into believing that my power only existed because of them, but behind their backs, I held my power with my soldiers.

And I needed to guide the people back together since there was a war between the people who were for Caesar and the ones who were against him, and even if that was over, they were divided. They gave me the name Augustus, and I was the first Roman imperator. And because I got them together, while Caesar divided them into two halfs. When he finished, he looked away from Jedediah again. After that question, he frowned and looked up again, confused. Jed grinned slightly.

But that can wait. Jed looked at Octavius, who looked back, waiting. But did he take that serious? The cowboy looked at his friend, and he frowned. Now, the other miniature looked up, raising an eyebrow. Could you explain? Jedediah snorted at Octavius who sat right next to him, like always.

They got used to the other being so close, they actually liked it pretty much. But Jed felt like he could burst because of pure frustration. Maybe it was the way Octavius looked at him when he got something right, even if it were little things, he seemed proud, and Jed liked that. The Roman looked at his friend and raised an eyebrow. Do you know the translation? He became a little bit red on his cheeks, but he still nodded. Often, Octavius answered with silence, but sometimes, he started to talk, actually smiling.

Especially when it was about the people that he needed to know so good. How can I do that, you might ask me? Finally, Octavius said that to him. His friend looked at him with surprise. You Romans and your weird names. First, there are always exceptions in Latin.

It took Jedediah way too long to realize what Octy was telling him and why he had this weird grin in his face. When the realisation hit in, his eyes widened and he opened his mouth immediately to defend himself.

Hell, after he had said that, both blushed deep red. Octavius took his arm back, looking away. Imagine Jedtavius as normal size and living together but not together yet, just crushing on each other but neither know it. Soon he realizes he merely had a dream, but is still quite scared. Jedediah ends up comforting him. Octavius slowly blinked, steadily moving his arms and legs that had been frozen in place for 3 years.

It took a moment for it to settle in, he was moving again! Which meant the tablet must be here and that everyone else must be waking up as well. Octavius glanced around at his fellow Romans as they stretched and soon interacted with each other. Trusting his people, Octavius made his way over to the Old West diorama as fast as he could.

The only thing going through his mind of a certain Cowboy he loved so. Once Octavius finally managed to scramble into the next door diorama he noticed a lot of the people crowded in a clump. With confusion the Roman approached the group and tapped on the closest persons shoulder.

Is there a problem of some sorts? Octavius slowly made his way to the middle of the circle to see Jedediah.

Jedediah octavius gay

Jedediah octavius gay