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So i am 17 weeks pregnant. Then yesterday they stained it. Again, I left from when they started until about 5 PM. I did sleep in the first floor of our house last night after they were pretty much dried and the fumes were not there, etc and it was not the same floor. Now-- I am nervous that might have been a mistake, but nothing I can do now.

Hardwood floor finish and pregnancy

Water based polyurethane is a bit better for the environment. Thank you again so much. In my situation, we didn't get a hotel room because we could successfully block off the area that we sanded and stained. Absolutely gutted pet trigger. If you can go elsewhere, I would. This Internet site provides information of a general nature and is Hardwood floor finish and pregnancy for educational purposes only. Start by selecting which of these best describes you!

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Both paste and liquid versions are making a comeback with homeowners who want a mellow, low-sheen look, and with those who prefer to use natural products with low VOCs and toxicity. We sell Waterlox. The finish takes up to 60 days to fully cure, but you can walk on it after three days. Stir the polyurethane with a paint stirrer to mix it thoroughly. The purpose here is to lightly sand the previous Hardwood floor finish and pregnancy in the least aggressive way possible. Many thanks. Having said all that I will take a short Hardwood floor finish and pregnancy to the side and say I share your concerns. To learn how to choose a stain and wax for hardwood floors, read on! Eye watering, headaches, nausea, dizziness and loss of coordination are signs that solvent levels are too high. The color may vary considerably from the display at the store. Insert a small piece of wood behind the pry bar to provide leverage, and to prevent damaging the trim pieces. Sand along the grain of the wood, and overlap each Hardwood floor finish and pregnancy Watch celebrity clips an inch 2. Then tomorrow they are doing water based poly.

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  • If I was given a choice in using oil or water based finishes, I would choose the friendlier water based urethanes.
  • This may seem like a very limited set of choices, but we only sell finishes that we have used extensively over a long period of time.

So i am 17 weeks pregnant. Then yesterday they stained it. Again, I left from when they started until about 5 PM. I did sleep in the first floor of our house last night after they were pretty much dried and the fumes were not there, etc and it was not the same floor. Now-- I am nervous that might have been a mistake, but nothing I can do now.

Today I left for work before they got there. They are doing a 2nd coat of stain. I will just stay at work until 6, then work out, then shower, then go to dinner.

Here is the questiion Then tomorrow they are doing water based poly. Again, I will definately not be there, but also not sure how long I should stay away. I am thinking of just getting a hotel and not coming back until late like 10 PM on Wedneday evening.

We have been remodeling the room we are using for her nursery knocking down walls, dry wall, paint, ect.

I called my doctor and he said it shouldn't be an issue as long as the area is well ventilated and I'm not there when they are sanding the walls. He even said it was fine for me to be in the house when they are painting although I have left anyway. I keep all the fans on in the house 3 bathroom fans and 2 ceiling fans so that the air is being circulated and leaving the home. But I have slept at home every night.

Not sure if it's the same was flooring but I just thought I'd share. I just went through this exact thing over the weekend. I would find out how many coats they are applying.

I highly recommend getting a hotel room. The fumes smell awful and it's not a good idea to be breathing it in. In my situation, we didn't get a hotel room because we could successfully block off the area that we sanded and stained. I left the house during the times that they applied each coating, but returned later that night when it was drying. The fumes weren't so bad, but I could still smell them a little.

Good luck. I would stay there for the staining can you ventilate the rooms by cracking a window and shutting the doors upstairs? But I definitely wouldn't stay there for the poly. When we redid our floors, the poly killed all the plants in our house!!! Stay away, lol. Carter Robert 7. I mean in my throat, mouth, nose, chest. I left right away. And by the way if you have seen the equipment the guys wear while they lay the finish, they're like super duper ventilator masks so obviously don't be around while they do the finish.

I couldn't stay for 2 nights because of our one-level condo and no ventilation. Obviously if you have ventilation and the floors are on a different level you should be ok. Oh and don't forget about your pets! Log in. My account. Baby Registry. The Bump Baby Registry.

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Re: floor refinishing and pregnancy. February Report 0 Reply. Loading the player Pocky member. I don't think what you have done so far will be harmful, but I'm not sure about the water based poly.

That sent a red flag in the air for me. I would maybe just stay at a hotel. Take time to enjoy it before LO is here. Do you have a friend you can stay with? I would stay away until it's completely dry. My husband is laying hardwood right now in our downstairs. We will not be putting the finish on until it's warm enough to open the windows. The fumes are not safe for anyone, even non pg people!

Look at all the respirator eqt. If you can go elsewhere, I would.

Professional floor refinishers report some problems when using an oil-based poly over a water-based poly. The smell was horrible, even with the room sealed off. You will end the project with sandpaper between and grit. Consider using a polyurethane clear-coat. Again the parts were coated down stairs with open window. To create this article, 15 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time.

Hardwood floor finish and pregnancy

Hardwood floor finish and pregnancy

Hardwood floor finish and pregnancy

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DH dear husband and I slept in the basement. The dust from sanding was everywhere , and the polyurethene fumes were VERY strong. We both had headaches from the odor. The guy doing the floor did an outstanding job Just horrible We just did the floors in the baby room which wasn't too bad.

This was all done in a few hours, while I was at work. Besides all the fumes and dust really not good for you , you'll have all your furniture moved and not have access to those rooms until the poly has dried. That can be days. That's just too much to deal with. It was a mother when I did it 3 years ago and I wasn't even preggers.

I feel your pain You'll have to put your foot down with this one. Maybe your OB can provide some kind of note that you can show him? Unless you live somewhere where the windows could be opened the entire time I would stay away and even if the windows could be open I don't personally think Friday-Sunday is long enough for it to air out. And the dust from sanding does get everywhere, my parents had it done While it's a really nice "gift" I totally understand your opposition to it.

Good luck! We just had hardwood installed in our nursery, master and the landing refinished. They used a waterborne stain and there were virtually no fumes. The dust will not be good for you. Good luck. You'll be happy when it's done though. The smell was really strong--strong enough that I went outside a couple of times and then came back. There is no way I could or would want to be around that smell for any extended period of time. If you're husband thinks it's like paint, it is not! I would do the same thing the pp said--tell him you spoke to your doctor and they said it was a no go while pregnant or with an infant.

I agree that you should use a low odor low gloss poly, because it dries quicker and you use less coats. This will overall help with the odor. Use a lighter stain if you are concerned. Those near black stains take a few coats and that adds to the smell. Also, keep your windows open for at least a week. The dust will be the worst and my parents recommend a giant vacuum as well as large plastic tarps to section off areas of the house. Then you poly the area, open the window, and remove the tarp.

Is it the best idea to do this when pregnant? No, but honestly, its never a good time to do this if you have breathing problems, pets, or little ones. The fumes are bad, but air your house out.

This is the best time of year to do it. I myself actually, the hubby and father are doing this to the baby's room next weekend. I'm going out Saturday morning and evening, and returning Sunday afternoon. Please keep in mind that my mother was pregnant with both me and my brother and refinished many people's floors about years ago. Neither of us has had any problems. The main concern is doing it yourself--which you're not. Pretty floors will be super nice to look at and think about how easy they will be to clean once your LO little one is here!

Cautiously expecting our rainbow: 4. You should see our hardwood floors since our first son was bornthey are a mess--kids are horribly hard on things. We have sooooo many dents, dings, scuffs and scratches on our flooring it looks awful. Ian: July Collin: May We just had our wood floors refinished about a month ago.

I stayed out of the house the day they started sanding Monday morning until Saturday morning. The smell lingered for a couple of weeks, but there weren't any fumes. You can't open the windows while the floors are being done because it needs to stay at a consistent temperature for the polyurethane. If you have a place to stay for a week then there shouldn't be any problem, but there is no way you can stay in the house until it has aired out after the last coat is applied to the floors.

We are still not sleeping in the house. I close the house up every night and turn up the heat to speed up the off gassing and air it out during the day. How much longer until it doesn't smell so toxic? The only research I have found says on average it will take months before the off gassing is completely done. Which paint takes 2 years but still the thought of a newborn in that environment is not comforting. I would take every precaution and would never do a solvent based refinish again.

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BabyCenter delivers evidence-based, milestone-focused news, guides, and tools that are approved by doctors while our community helps you connect with parents just like you. We embrace all family styles and parenting approaches because every parent is unique and every topic deserves honesty and candor. Join now to personalize. Absolutely gutted pet trigger. June Birth Club. My FIL father-in-law is planning on showing up tomorrow with a sander to begin the refinishing process of our hardwood floors.

I don't want it because I'm worried that the sanding isn't safe for me to breath and that the staining and refinishing happening next weekend won't have all the toxic fumes gone when we return from our trip Sunday night leaving friday-sunday. Has anyone done this? Would it be safe for me to be back in the house after the finishing is done that saturday and has one day to fume out?

Do i need to leave the house tomorrow while he is sanding? How long do I need to not live here? I am so frusterated. I told him No but he just isn't listening. I need some real facts to back this up to convince my husband that this is a no go! Also, he said it would be a gift- Yet we are now responsible for renting the sander, buying the supplies and the stain! I am thankful he is willing to donate his time but, honestly, we did not budget for this at all.

I need a breatpump not pretty hardwood floors! Comments Mrs Hiro. I would stay away from all the smells My mom is a contractor and has been helping us fix our house on and off for free so it is taking time My family owns a floorcovering company and haveto answer these questions all of the time.

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Hardwood floor finish and pregnancy

Hardwood floor finish and pregnancy

Hardwood floor finish and pregnancy