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Free kama sutra ownload

In the process of the colonization, there was active development of territory and culture of the country by English people, and as a result, they discovered many ancient texts, including the Kama Kzma text. Rishi says 3 years ago. Devendra says 3 years ago. As you have already noticed, the sense of this ancient text lies Free kama sutra ownload deeper than anyone could have ever imagined. John Cleland. The Art of War. Deepesh Khare says 3 years ago. Dick, Edgar Allan Poe, H. Mary Buy built rite hockey pants. Solomon Northup.

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Teen 89, I love the reader. Creampie 14, But in tackling the subject of human sexuality, Vatsyayana nevertheless will always attract readers or, in this case, listeners! School 1, Please see your browser settings for this feature. Your Ultimate Kamaa Positions Guide. British 3, Japanese 14, Handjob 7, Strap On Pussy Licking 10, Have fun. Public 18,

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  • This app is your guide to the art of love positions.

Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. See if you have enough points for this item. Sign in. A portion of the work consists of practical advice on sexual intercourse. It is largely in prose, with many inserted anustubh poetry verses. Contrary to popular perception, especially in the western world, Kama sutra is not an exclusive sex manual; it presents itself as a guide to a virtuous and gracious living that discusses the nature of love, family life and other aspects pertaining to pleasure oriented faculties of human life.

Commonly known throughout the Western World as Kama Sutra, Kamasutram, is an in-depth manuscript centering on the nature of human sexual behavior and the dynamics of relationships between men and women. The work is attributed to Vatsyayana, a 4th century Indian writer, and is widely accepted as a benchmark in literature on love and romantic unions.

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Free kama sutra ownload

Free kama sutra ownload

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All sex positions 2 3 4 5. The Kamasutra — how frequently we hear this notion. Certainly, to some extend such an opinion is quite truly, because one of the chapters indeed is dedicated to the latter topic. However, the book contains many other chapters, which narrate about various ideas and aspects related to relationship between man and woman. Is it true, that the only thing mentioned in the Kama Sutra and may be useful for a couple is just a number of sex positions?

No way. Sure enough, it contains the chapters which provide a profound perception not only of the art of sexual relationships, but also of a very core of the spiritual affinity of the two base principles.

Additionally, the book provides an opportunity to see your life partner in a different light and find common ground that will help any couple to be on cloud nine. As you have already noticed, the sense of this ancient text lies much deeper than anyone could have ever imagined. Definitely, this book has nothing in common with sexual gymnastics. The Kamasutra represents a set of reliable and proven ancient Indian knowledge and traditions composed many centuries ago.

Introducing a thorough and serious investigation, the text provides a deep reader not only with ability to know a true meaning of love between man and woman, but also opens the mind to a better understanding of human nature along with his or her partner one. The main misapprehensions, which a modern human may have concerning the sense and content of the Kamasutra, are based on the initial impression experienced by the Europeans and provoked by a translation of the book in the end of XIX century.

The Kamasutra comprises of 7 parts, each of which, in its turn, is divided into several chapters. In overall, the book includes 36 chapters:. The Kamasutra was written in Sanskrit by the philosopher and scientist of ancient India Vatsyayana Mallanaga. However, despite the fact, it will be incorrectly to name him the author as he performed in the role of compiler of the knowledge which had been collected earlier. In other words, this book is nothing else but a finished and correctly compiled collection of previous works.

However, it is doubtless that in the book we can find definitely distinctive approach of the author, his style and manner of writing. In the process of the colonization, there was active development of territory and culture of the country by English people, and as a result, they discovered many ancient texts, including the Kama Sutra text.

What does sex mean. The Kamasutra interprets sex as a special feature in a result of which the male and female principles are to become one not only on the skin-to-skin, but also on a spiritual level. Sex represents not only a physical process, how many people may think; this is a process that engages body, feelings, emotions, sense of those who are in love with each other.

It is a sensual game, in the terms of which the woman turns out to be a goddess, a favourite and desired one, and the man, in his turn, gets satisfaction having reached an orgasm not just by himself, but by his beloved woman. What should a sex be consisted of. Thus, every feature, e. A couple should get rid of everything out of their room, leaving behind all the worries.

Here, there is enough room only for their mind, soul and body: only he and she do matter now. The prelude, or a sexual game, has to be in the highlight of such a ritual. Remaining an integral part of the game, while prelude, one is able to express all the emotions and love to which the author of the book pays great attention. The sex itself, actually, is the high point of this game. Even in some cases, there is no need for having sex. Sex techniques. All the necessary information referring to the theme is given in the chapter 5.

In total, the author observes 8 main arts, each of which has 8 variants. Stated another way, the book contains 65 sex positions. Sometimes, only this chapter is considered to represent the whole book.

It is used to publish the text incorrectly, without paying any attention to the authentic translation. Main numbers are three, eight, and those divisible by them. Being a genuine object of great value, lots of modern couples may find out many needy information. The book teach you the following essential thing:.

This is exactly not true. According to women and other specialists, no matter how many positions one may know, the only thing that does matter is your emotions both partners experience while having sex. Nevertheless, skilfulness and understanding how to use sex positions also plays a great role. And remember the main ordnance given by the author of the Kamasutra:.

Free kama sutra ownload

Free kama sutra ownload