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It seemed as if the medical Internets of was as the mercy of a random vagina-woo generator. I blame Gwyneth Paltrow. I mean why not, but if we are going to strive for accuracy which I always do it does seem that GP birthed this vaginal lunacy trend by treating us to vaginal jade eggs in January of Imagine claiming that bringing good health to people is your mission, your full-time job no less, and then when you are asked a question about something you have both endorsed and sold you answer with a big who-the-fuck-knows, a simpering smile and a juvenile giggle? As this product claims it can brighten the appearance of the skin is could have a depigmentation agent which has a real potential to cause irritation.

Facebook celebrity vagina

For that amount of money they could have at least thrown in the dental floss string they recommend. Assuming that Facebook celebrity vagina would be with other feminine hygiene stuff, I looked there. We celbrity Facebook celebrity vagina doctor to clarify and celbrity insisted that that was her recommendation. Thinking a vagina should smell like this is seriously fucked up. Sad Freeteen sex video. Ah, that special blend of camphor, eucalyptus oil, methol, cedarleaf oil, nutmeg oil, petrolatum, thymol and turpentine oil. I think the irritation alone would prevent anyone from actually using it. Holy crap on a cracker! I had a friend who is an emergency room ER doctor take a short informal survey and many of her colleagues have seen women with retained makeup sponges in the vagina.

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So, a bit of a crash course here -- year-old Jake first called out Danis last year, saying he'd beat his ass in a boxing match because his "striking is super weak. Abigail Spencer Facebook celebrity vagina her shaved tasty pussy in leaked pics. A little weird, yes, but also, vvagina for them? Sopranos star shows her badda boobs. Retrieved September 21, Kathleen Robertson Facebook celebrity vagina scene. Financial Times. After last week's indictment that brings Gooding's tally up to 6 charges related to 3 different accusers. The 16 Facebooj Beauty Innovations of Hardcore Falcon classics porns of Mr. The vagina that bled outside a temple in protest. October 4, Naked not only show her tits but spreads her legs and pussy! Best Celebrity Sites:

Medical experts have raised the alarm following reports increasing numbers of women are using toothpaste to "tighten" their vaginas.

  • Cuba Gooding Jr.
  • Sheryl Kara Sandberg born August 28, [4] is an American technology executive, author, and billionaire.

Medical experts have raised the alarm following reports increasing numbers of women are using toothpaste to "tighten" their vaginas. Dr Oluwole Yusuf issued a plea to women via the News Agency of Nigeria late last week in comments that were soon backed by specialists across the world.

In the video above: cosmetic surgery for the perfect butt, back or thighs. His concern was echoed by British specialist Vanessa Mackay, consultant gynecologist and spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. And MacKay said many toothpaste brands also contained small particles that could cause abrasions on the vaginal wall. MacKay said if women were still concerned they should make an appointment with their specialist. Lifestyle Chevron Right Icon Beauty.

Doctors sound the alarm on new designer vagina trend to use toothpaste to tighten. Chris Hook. Play Video. Cosmetic surgeries for the perfect butt, back or thighs.

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Facebook celebrity vagina

Facebook celebrity vagina

Facebook celebrity vagina

Facebook celebrity vagina

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Is it a vagina dress? Who knows. The vagina painting that shut down a man's Facebook account. Facebook shut down the man's account and has not reactivated it. Take note, semester abroad travelers.

The vagina that bled outside a temple in protest. Ever y vagina that got contoured this year. Vaginas don't need bronzer, yo. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Jamie McCartney. Stuart Weitzman. Via stavvers. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. The 16 Best Beauty Innovations of This Is the Best Movie Scene of Piling on a new charge could bring Lori and Mossimo to the bargaining table.

On the other hand, they have vowed to fight the charges and are preparing for trial. Blac Chyna allegedly used her time with Kardashian family attorneys to change outfits, strike poses and take photos According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ BC was scheduled to appear on September 24 for a deposition in her lawsuit against the Kardashians.

That's right She captioned that picture, "Stepped into the office to handle some business. The Kardashians' lawyers beg to differ. According to docs, Chyna did everything but handle biz. They claim she was uncooperative, and her lawyers had to coach her throughout the deposition.

As we've reported Sorry, Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady Of course, MVS is biased Rodgers is coming off the best game of his career Sunday against Oakland -- 6 total TDs and a perfect As for the guys catching balls from Rodgers this season Valdes-Scantling is high on those dudes as well, telling us he thinks the Packers' WR group is one of the best in the league. By the way, MVS says there's been absolutely no ribbing going on between him and Davante Adams while the star has been out with a toe injury I am sorry of anyone was offended by my actions.

A Houston Astros exec allegedly taunted a group of female reporters about a star player's domestic violence allegations The man at the center of the controversy is assistant GM Brandon Taubman -- one of the top execs of the team -- who was reportedly fired up about star pitcher Roberto Osuna after their ALCS win Saturday night.

FYI, Osuna allegedly assaulted his baby mama in May , while playing for the Blue Jays -- but the charges were dropped when the alleged victim disappeared to Mexico and refused to cooperate with prosecutors.

Fast-forward to Saturday night when Taubman Sports Illustrated cites a reporter who was there and several witnesses who say this happened during the locker room celebration. But, the Astros are disputing the report Our executive was supporting the player during a difficult time. The team added, "His comments had everything to do about the game situation that just occurred and nothing else -- they were also not directed toward any specific reporters.

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But, Ronda wasn't a spectator, she was there to fight -- and her opponent is a giant, bearded tattooed man But, when we slowed down the tape, it was obvious that dude is Browne -- a 6'7", pound former UFC fighter!!!

The fight doesn't go too well for Browne Ronda's character easily ducked a few punches before hitting him with a flying knee. She followed up with a superman punch, slammed his head against a truck, hit him with a judo throw and then obliterated his face with some elbow strikes from the top position.

Remember, it ain't all glitz and glamour for Rousey Monica is officially flying solo -- her divorce from ex-NBA baller Shannon Brown is now finalized after spending a few minutes Tuesday morning before the judge. That made for a quick, drama-free hearing that lasted less than 10 minutes. The judge granted Monica's divorce and -- as she requested -- restored her maiden name. She's now back to Monica Arnold. Their split moved pretty quickly, legally speaking.

You'll recall, filed for divorce back in March after nearly 10 years of marriage to the former Lakers star. They had separated about a year ago. They have a 6-year-old daughter together, Laiyah. As for an agreement on child support No word on if either will pay spousal support. Either way Monica seemed satisfied with the outcome, as she left court smiling and surrounded by family members. She told us a couple months ago she still supports Shannon even though they're no longer together. BTW, we're preeetty sure their pregame ritual's also dunzo Kylie Jenner 's no fool Kylie filed legal docs asking the feds for ownership of a slang version of the famous wake-up call The trademark would cover belts, pants, coats, dresses, footwear, gloves, headbands, headwear, jackets, loungewear, scarves, sleepwear, socks, swimwear and undergarments Kylie did a YouTube tour of her office earlier this month, walked into Stormi 's room -- where she was sleeping in her crib -- and began singing "Rise and Shine" to wake her up.

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BEFORE heading for a night out with the girls, any lengthy pampering routine just wouldn't be complete without a spritz of perfume. However, one woman has given all new meaning to the term "signature scent" when she revealed that her, erm, "vagina juice" is her perfume of choice for an evening on the town.

Sharing an excerpt of her new book The Game of Desire with Refinery29, sexologist Shan Boodram was surprised by just how much attention her "delicious scent" attracted. The author claims to have worn her own natural scent several times over the years and noted how people often "flock to her". Determined to test the theory out on other women, Shan asked three of her clients to see if coplulins - which are chemicals secreted by the vagina - would also "attract anyone traditionally attracted to women with vulvas" if used as perfume.

She wrote: "I instructed them to wash their hands, get in a stall and then move their finger around their vaginal opening. The goal was to get a sample from the Bartholin's glands, which are the size of a pea but play a large role in vaginal lubrication".

The expert then asked them to rub "a good amount of wetness" on their pulse points and around their collarbone and neck.

I instructed them to wash their hands, get in a stall and then move their finger around their vaginal opening to get a good amount of wetness However, Shan claims a friend - who had had a bit too much to drink - buried her face in her neck just minutes after she applied her natural scent. But while they might not have met their one true love as a result of the experiment, the sexologist was impressed that not one of the women wanted to wash off their "perfume" at the end of the night.

Acknowledging that she's still unsure of how effective this method actually is, the author concluded: "I am certain that every single time I employ it, it makes me feel like an enchanted goddess with a delicious scent Wearing your vagina scent to bag a date might sound bonkers - but pheromones have been proven to play a big part in human sexuality. Plus this Ibiza holidaymaker was left with no eyebrows after a botched beauty treatment "burnt them clean off her face".

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Facebook celebrity vagina