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Sign up today at the studio! Sign up today!!! Happy Thanksgiving to all of our past, present and future Dance Families! Sometimes we need to change our perspective. No other words needed

Expressive dancing for adults

Musical Theatre. In this class students learn definitions, terminology, and proper technique. A little sneak peek into one of our classes Gay teen brothers Expressive dancing for adults Corrects posture. This class teaches various styles of dance that can be found in theatrical and Musical productions alike! And it's all FREE! Happy Thanksgiving to all of our past, present and future Dance Families!

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What was enjoyable Expressive dancing for adults it? Use image and color to express your passion in life as symbolized by the four elements. Draw, paint or color the scene as vividly as possible. Remix This Relaxation Art therapy can be a great way to relax. Stuck and Unstuck adapted from an exercise in The Moving Center by Gay and Kathleen Hendricks With selected music in the background, participants stand in a circle and warm up by moving each part of the body in creative movements, starting with the head and moving down through the arms, torso, legs, and feet. Then each person will lead a movement or gesture for the next phrase. Study the archetypes to help you explore how you see and create your world. What things are you grateful for in your life? Explore archetypes. On the left column, draw someone you really dislike or hate. Are there "tough guy" women and "drama queen" men? Using only soft or comforting objects, create a work of art. I have confidence in my abilities. Activity: One person from the group shares a dream that they had recently or Expressive dancing for adults dream that has a recurring theme.

Combination: Ballet, Tap, Jazz.

  • Patricia is also very creative which means no two sessions are alike.
  • Expressive Therapist.

Sign up today at the studio! Sign up today!!! Happy Thanksgiving to all of our past, present and future Dance Families! Sometimes we need to change our perspective.

No other words needed Obviously, as you can tell, ballet is totally serious and not fun at all. A little sneak peek into one of our classes this Saturday The Chickens, Cats, and Dolls should be ready for pick up on Saturday.

Except for speciality items like magnets. Love, love, love looking at these beautiful, happy faces! I just sent out the October Newsletter. Yes, there is a weird subject line. Yes, it is really from the Academy. After spending all day writing it and figuring out a new program to make the Newsletter all "fancy", the only way to actually send it to the group was to send a copy to myself and then forward it to everyone.

Complete with weird subject line--that I thought I'd changed. Witches and vampires, and zombies Book your Elite mini session today! October 14, 18, 19 only; during 4 pm to pm to catch the best light. You will also receive a discount coupon for prints as well! Note: Bookings are not considered confirmed until full payment has been received. Looking for something interesting and different to do this weekend? And it's all FREE! Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

Email Signup. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. The performance weekend is over now and the flowers are in vases, ma My girls women really, but girls to me are tired and feeling all the feels: pride, satisfaction, sore muscles, relief, joy, and sadness.

My heart is filled with gratitude: for the friends they made and the beautiful notes some of them wrote to Jamie as she leaves the academy, for the incredible experiences that dance has given them exercise, challenging themselves, belief in themselves, teamwork, attaining and achieving goals, discipline, professional manners, respect and love for their bodies, and so much fun!

You have raised such great kids and I was so proud of your dancers today, too! Well done!!! I just might volunteer for the show next year if you need me. Thank you Andrea and Steve and boys, for sharing your home and family life with all of us. You never know.. Information about Page Insights Data. The Academy of Expressive Dance updated their profile picture.

The Academy of Expressive Dance updated their cover photo. The Academy of Expressive Dance is feeling spooky. The Academy of Expressive Dance shared a post. Book Now. Send Message. Happy Thanksgiving! Love this DanceLife Retreat Center. Always be the "nice kid" The Academy of Expressive Dance was thinking about better days.

Come discover the rich and diverse culture of Indigenous artists. Multiple workshops and activities for curious participants of all ages. Dance, music, theatre and craft workshops available all afternoon.

Collage a painting. Someone waits for you with a warm meal, dry clothes, and a place to rest. In this project, use words and pictures to show the clutter in your way. Coloring Meditation Trace objects in the room onto a piece of paper with a pencil, such as tissue boxes, cups, or plastic containers. Label the circles, starting from the outer circle, anger, fear, sadness, and love. This creative project asks you to make a visual representation of your life. What was a pivotal memory in your childhood?

Expressive dancing for adults

Expressive dancing for adults

Expressive dancing for adults

Expressive dancing for adults

Expressive dancing for adults. Testimonies

She ensures this is and remains a fun, safe and respectful space: no need to be a professional dancer. I would recommend to everyone to try it for themselves! My weeks at work have been completely transformed since beggining these nourishing Monday evening session. Patricia is a Magician! The dance is different every week, but always seems to be just what I need. Count the number of items listed in each column and write the total at the bottom of each list. Subtract the Insecure total from the Confident total: that is how much gas you have left in your tank.

On another piece of paper, make a visual affirmation of your ability to improve your confidence and self-acceptance in areas of your life that you are currently insecure about. God Grant Me the Serenity Discuss the quote, God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can't change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Make two lists, "The things I can change" and "The things I can't change. On another sheet of paper, draw how your life would look after you successfuly changed the things on your list, "The things I can change. Add words or glue pieces of paper shaped like rocks in the soil at the roots to represent things you are grateful for in your life. Add words or glue pieces of paper shaped like leaves in the branches to represent things you wish for in life.

Discussion: Why is gratitude at our roots and our wishes in our branches? Holistic Health Discussion: What is a healthy mind? A healthy heart? A healthy body? A healthy spirit? Divide your paper diagonally into four triangles. Fill each triangle with color, words, and images that represent what a healthy mind, heart, body, and spirit is for you. How Does This Serve Me? Write down a common emotional difficulty you have in life, such as depression or anger. Make a list of ways that feeling is serving you in your life.

For example "Depression serves to express my grief, protect me from failure, gets me attention, and makes people leave me alone. Fold a large paper into three sections. Using magazine images, make a collage for each section, entitled, "My feeling," "How it serves me," and "Alternatives. Daily Schedule Make a schedule of your daily routine.

Add into your schedule one activity to improve each of the following: mental health, emotional health, physical health, and spiritual health. For example, "On my walk to school, I will try to think positive about my day. Take it home and tape it someplace you will see it daily. Spirit Identify a spiritual power that you believe in, and write it in the middle of your paper using special lettering, i.

God, Spirit, Nature, Love, etc. Using color and image, depict six qualities of the spiritual power in a circle around the word, such as "All-knowing," "Healing," or "Unconditional Love. How Animals Heal Read source material from wikipedia or websites about animals' natural ability to identify plants that they need to heal when they are sick i. Discuss what else animals do when they are sick, i. Draw, color, or paint a picture of yourself as an animal in your natural habitat. Depict your animal as injured in some way, i.

Add to your image three natural remedies you will use to heal yourself; i. Divide your paper in half. On one side, draw yourself surrounded by any problems you currently have, including words, colors and images. On the other side, draw your Wise Self, either as a god or goddess, an old man or woman, an animal, a mountain, or any image that fits for you. Imagine that your Wise Self is looking across the paper and seeing you in your difficult situation. On another piece of paper, let your wise self speak using your non-dominant hand to write his or her words.

Using your dominant hand, write questions to your Wise Self to keep the conversation going as long as possible. Rewrite History Pick a negative memory you feel comfortable to process in the group. Draw, paint or color the scene as vividly as possible. Add whatever you needed in that moment to prevent, tolerate, or respond to the situation in a way that would have been better than what actually happened. Afterwards, journal or freewrite about your experience.

If it feels right, make a promise to yourself to learn from the experience and strive to get the help you need to prevent or overcome difficult experiences. The Eye of the Hurricane Draw, color or paint an image of anything that has a still, calm, powerful presence that is unaffected by disturbances in its environment: i. Using a different-colored marker for each column, number the pieces of paper in each column, 1, 2, 3. In the middle column, draw yourself.

Draw your head in the top square, your torso and arms in the middle square, and your legs and feet in the bottom square. Write a word or phrase next to your head in the top square that expresses "How I look to others. On the left column, draw someone you really dislike or hate. Again, draw the head in the top square, torso in the middle square, legs in the bottom square.

Add words for each square as before. In the next step, mix and match the different qualities to make your ideal personality. Try to take at least one quality from the person you hated and one from the person you admired.

Imagine how your life would be different if you had this new personality. Write a story about an event from your regular life, such as riding the bus or going to work that turned out differently because of your new personality. Imagine that some part of you ran away because of the pain of that experience. Identify what part of you ran away: strength, joy, confidence, peacefulness, power, pride, courage, trust in others, self-esteem, etc.

Draw, color, or paint a picture of how that part of you looks or feels when it is in its full and healthy state. Write a letter to that part of you, asking it to return. Please return so I can be whole.

Tolerance Pledge Ceremony Make a list of all the names that humiliate someone for being different. Write your pledge to disavow the words.

Make your own pledge or use the following form: "No one has the right to call me these names and I don't have the right to call anyone else these names. I pledge that I will accept others the way they are and try to appreciate people who are different from me.

If I really don't like someone, I will give them space to be who they are, and I will defend my right to be who I am. Read your pledge aloud with conviction to the group. Group applauds for each person. Tough Guy and Drama Queen Discussion: What are the stereotypical ways for males and females to respond to emotional pain?

Are there "tough guy" women and "drama queen" men? On a pre-printed silhouette of a human figure, use color and image to express a balance of good qualities from the Tough Guy persona, i. On a pre-printed silhouette of a human figure, use color and image to depict a place you can journey to during meditation, such as a natural scene, your religious faith or practice, a repeated phrase, a color or song, or a safe place.

You can depict the sanctuary as being inside the body preferred , or you can also depict the sanctuary around the figure. Title the page, "My inner sanctuary" and discuss times in your life you might need to retreat to your sanctuary.

Dear Society Draw three circles inside each other on a piece of paper, like a bullseye. On the inner circle, write something that you feel insecure about , such as "my appearance," "my intelligence," or "being weak. Next, write a letter to society about how its expectations have negatively affected your self-esteem, and express your commitment to feeling confident about yourself.

I value myself because I [three things I like about myself]. Please stop trying to make me feel bad about myself. Stuck and Unstuck adapted from an exercise in The Moving Center by Gay and Kathleen Hendricks With selected music in the background, participants stand in a circle and warm up by moving each part of the body in creative movements, starting with the head and moving down through the arms, torso, legs, and feet. One at a time, participants go to the center of the circle and start by moving freely.

The participant then slows down until he is stuck in one body position, which can represent a way that he feels "stuck," such as stuck in self-doubt, hopelessness, stress, or neediness.

He stays in the stuck position until he can devise a way to "unstick" himself, either by making certain vocal sounds, saying a powerful phrase, shaking free, or breathing deeply into the position until it releases. Repeat for each person and discuss. Poetry Grid Each person in the group comes up with five to ten words that everyone writes down on a blank piece of paper. On lined paper, participants write 5 to 10 sentences using the words that were spoken, adding filler words if needed.

Share the sentences and take the best line from each participant and arrange them on one piece of paper to make a group poem. This activity often produces astounding creativity and provocative lines of poetry. Chariots of Fire Ritual Each person gets four pieces of paper.

On one paper, each person writes their goal for their lives, such as "success," "sobriety," or "happiness. The "obstacle" sheets are placed on the chairs and tables on the obstacle course, and the "goal" sheet is placed at the finish line. The participant can read aloud what has been written on each sheet as they are being placed.

As participants go through the obstacle course, they can either rip up each of the obstacles on the pieces of paper, push aside the chairs on which they are placed, or crawl around or under the obstacles to reach the finish line. The group stands behind the finish line shouting encouragement and cheering for each person when they reach the finish. The process is repeated for each person.

Play " The Chariots of Fire " in the background for a dramatic effect! Everyone is encouraged to be supportive and attentive when others share. Drum Your Family Percussion instruments are placed in the center of the room which can also include "homemade" instruments like a pen with a plastic cup or rattling keys! Each participant describes the people that live in the home with them, such as family members or roommates, and selects an instrument to represent that person.

The participant plays the instrument in a way that represents that family member's qualities, such as loud, soft, fast, slow, easy-going or rigid. The participant selects someone in the group to play that instrument according to the participant's specifications. The participant continues to assign instruments to group members to represent each family member in their home.

When all the parts have been assigned, the group members play their instruments together in the way that the participant has demonstrated, and the participant listens until she directs them to stop playing. Repeat for each participant. Notice if it was easier to say "Yes" or "No" in the dialogues.

What was it like to reject everything someone asks? What was it like to be in a state of unknowing? Coloring Meditation Trace objects in the room onto a piece of paper with a pencil, such as tissue boxes, cups, or plastic containers. Make an interesting design with the overlapping shapes. Alternatively, make designs by scribbling on a piece of paper in varying shapes and patterns. Color with markers, colored pencils, or crayons.

Facilitator can play relaxing music in the background as participants are coloring. Discussion: How did this activity affect your mood? Empty the Jug Discussion: If feelings are kept bottled up, they build up and overflow. Activity: Draw a large bottle or jug on your paper. Draw two lines across its center to make three layers in the jug. In the top layer, write three lines describing feelings you feel right now and the reason, such as "Tired because I didn't sleep well last night," or "Nervous because I'm with people I don't know.

Balanced Ecosystem Discussion: A balanced system is one in which each part plays a role by contributing and taking something so the system can sustain itself. The same is true within one person, within a family, or within a society. Activity: Draw an ecosystem that is familiar to you, such as a beach, forest, ocean, or jungle. Depict parts of the ecosystem that give and take from each other, such as the water that nourishes animals, and replenishes itself with the rain.

Animals eat plants and also fertilize soil. Soil receives nutrients from fallen leaves and generates new plant growth. How does it feel when a system is in balance? How can other systems keep their balance? I Will Survive! What is a part of your life that you would like to say good-bye to? In what way are you a Survivor?

Activity: Play the song while participants stand in a circle. Sing the song aloud together, adding gestures and movements to send those negative aspects of your life "out the door! Call Waiting adapted from theatre game we played at the West Virginia University Theatre Department Pick three contrasting people in your lives that bring out different sides of your personality, such as a romantic interest, a parent, a best friend, a sibling, a teacher or supervisor, or an ex-partner.

Pretend you get a phone call from the first person on your list and begin talking with them about imaginary or real subject matter. Imagine that you get a phone call from the second person on your list that "beeps in" while you are talking, and you place the first person on hold while you answer the second person's call.

Talk with the second person briefly, then end the conversation and return to the call with the first person. Then imagine the third person "beeps in" and you again talk to them briefly before ending that conversation and returning to the first person. End the call with the first person and hang up.

Discuss how the person's body language, voice, attitude, and demeanor changed as they spoke with the different people in their lives. Group Journey Facilitator plays relaxing music, such as Native American flute or harp music.

Participants sit comfortably in their chairs with their eyes closed or gazing downward at the floor. Participants are encouraged to imagine a scene that is relaxing, safe, comforting, and beautiful. After several minutes, one at a time, each person invites the group to their scene by describing it in second person; for example, "You are lying on soft sand under a warm sun with the sound of waves in the background.

A group of dolphins swim by and you can hear sea gulls passing overhead. The sound of leaves crunches under your feet. Your heart beats with the feeling of excitement and beauty. A wolf passes by and looks you in the eye before continuing walking across your path. The facilitator encourages everyone to slowly come "back into the room," wiggle fingers and toes, and slowly open their eyes.

Discuss favorite images or scenes that peers described in the group. Mirroring Sequence Sitting in a circle, the group will mirror the exact movements of each person in the group for 60 seconds.

When it is someone's turn, that person can lead various movements, such as facial expressions, clapping, or standing up, or they can simply sit normally, but the group will attempt to mimic exactly the way the person is sitting or moving, including small movements of feet, fingers, or facial expressions.

When everyone has had a turn to lead, the group divides into pairs sitting facing each other, selecting Partner A and Partner B. Partner A will lead slow movements with the hands and Partner B will mirror the movements as closely as possible. Next, Partner B will lead and Partner A will follow. Notice that the leader has to move slowly so that their partner will be able to follow closely.

If there is time, members can try also limit movements to the legs and feet or to the face. Mimicking funny faces in slow motion is truly hysterical. Each person can also rate their partner as a leader and as a follower on a score of one to ten. Finally, each partnership will perform for the group without telling the group who is leading or following, and the group will try to guess who was leading or following. Discussion: Is it easier for you to lead or follow?

Protect Your Treasures On a blank piece of paper, draw a treasure box that is filled with aspects of your being that are precious, including your Love, your Beauty, your Beliefs, your Dignity or Pride, and your Sexuality. Draw a boundary around your treasures with various characters outside the boundary who can determine who is trustworthy for you to share your treasures with. Pick protective characters who are strong, wise, and discerning to help ward off anyone who may try to steal your treasures.

Catherine Shafer's blog on Child Development. Why did the girl become so obsessed with the red shoes? What was she really longing for? What could she have done differently at any point in the story to avoid the tragedy at the end? For example, could she have told the old woman at the start of the story, "Thanks but no thanks, I'm fine on my own! Or could she have made another pair of red shoes for herself that brought you the same joy as the ones she lost in the beginning of the story?

Or could she have run away from the old woman and gone back to the forest? Depict how you would have avoided the bad ending of the story through artwork and share with the group. Labyrinth Meditation Print different labyrinth designs for each person in the group A google image search will have hundreds of them. Each person gets one of the sheets to trace with their finger or the back of a pen or pencil.

Participants are encouraged go as slowly as possible, to sit erect in their chairs, and to breathe deeply in and out, since the labyrinth is a way to practice staying calm and focused through the twists and turns that life brings. When you reach the center of the labyrinth, trace your path back to the entrance of the labyrinth and repeat until the time is up.

The facilitator can allow five minutes for each labyrinth. After five minutes, group members can write on a separate piece of paper any thoughts or feelings that came up with that design, including feelings of impatience or relaxation. Participants pass their papers to the right and repeat the same process with the next design for five minutes, again recording thoughts and feelings between each one. Finish and discuss.

Dance Styles | Denoyer Dance

DS2dio is a modern dance school offering a variety of classes and training programs for adults and youngsters alike. The team is a unique blend of dancers, choreographers, professional trainers and innovators who are introducing a collection of classes ranging from ballet, contemporary, Hip hop, tango, salsa, Zumba, stretching Conveniently located in JLT, just off DAMAC Metro Station, DS2dio is also keen on offering programs that cater to families looking for a healthy environment, where their young ones will release all that extra energy, and foster their creativity.

This creative dance center is bringing to Dubai a new experience of enjoyable fitness, as the founders believe that the beauty of dancing can and should be experienced by anyone and everyone. Sima has partnered with DS2dio in Dubai to offer their expertise in modern dance and fitness to the residents of our beautiful City. Ballroom Dance Instructor.

Salsa Cuban. Domonician Bachata. Domonician Bachhatsa. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements. It builds a strong centre and combines precision leg work with fluidity of the torso. Contemporary dance encourages self expression, natural movement and personal interpretation , it can be performed to many different styles of music. About Us. Ibraheem Aoun. Founder Ballroom Dance Instructor.

Lina Hunedi. Juan Saturia. Salsa Cuban Reggaeton Domonician Bachata. Melany Ayala. Salsa Cuban Reggaeton Domonician Bachhatsa.

Expressive dancing for adults

Expressive dancing for adults