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We have loaded your last 0 from 0 tweets due to Twitter API restrictions. To delete older tweets you need to upload your Tweet archive. You can only make 5 keyword searches per day under FREE account! Please Upgrade to access unlimited searches! Select a date, choose keyword, tweet or media type to find your tweets in seconds.

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Delete older

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I deleted 40, emails and got my storage down to Combinations Now you can take what you've learned Delete older combine them. Your notifications are currently off and you olser receive subscription updates. A lover of all things gaming and tech, his previous work has shown up in Kotaku, PCMag Delete older Complex, among others. Everyone knows what you do, what you eat, where you are, who Navasink twin light museum your friends. Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Schweiz - Deutsch.

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Click on the Date modified button. About pre cum, if your prefer PowerShell, you can use a special cmdlet to remove old files. This method is good for deleting files manually once in a while. Oldeg Image. Type any name for the folder and click OK. That's it. Click OK to create your task. Substitute the folder path and the Delete older of days with desired values and you are done. You can help the site keep bringing you interesting and useful content and software by using these options:. If you want to automate the process, you need to use the Task Scheduler on Windows 10 to create a task that executes the command at specified intervals. Now playing: Watch oledr Change these Windows 10 settings for Delete older better experience. First things first: If you think you might want to downgrade from Windows 10 back Delete older ilder previous version, don't delete that folder. Otherwise the task will fail.

Keep in mind that you'll be deleting your Windows.

  • Windows 10 has a number of improvements that allow you to keep your PC clean.
  • If you have different folders with a lot of files and you would like to cleanup by deleting those older than certain days, you can use these steps:.
  • On Windows 10, you can use Command Prompt and Task Scheduler to automatically delete files older than a certain number of days to free up space and keep your files organized.

When you start a fresh Gmail account, it seems like you have all of the space you'll ever need. You can also search by how old emails are. You can use m for months or d for days, as well. Now you can take what you've learned and combine them. Looking for a new laptop? Freedman May 3, pm.

Combinations Now you can take what you've learned and combine them. Andrew E. Freedman, Andrew joined Laptopmag. He holds a M. A lover of all things gaming and tech, his previous work has shown up in Kotaku, PCMag and Complex, among others. Follow him on Twitter FreedmanAE. Freedman, on.

Your email address will not be published. United States - English. Alternatively, you can right-click the selection and choose Delete from the context menu. That's it. Your feedback will help us improve the support experience. Click on the Date modified button. PowerShell LastWriteTime command How to use Task Scheduler to delete files older than X days automatically on Windows 10 The command in the previous instructions allows you to delete files in a folder that are older than 30 days, but you need to open PowerShell and execute the command manually every time you want to free up space.

Delete older

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If you've been using Gmail for a decade or so, you're probably running into your storage limit. Since , Google has offered users 15 gigabytes of free storage. For many users like me, emails take up the bulk of this space. Below is a minute process I use about once a year to delete thousands of emails in bulk. I recently used this technique to delete about 18, emails from my inbox, freeing up about half a gigabyte. That's about 3 percent of the total storage Google offers. You might think all your emails are precious, but they're not.

Identify these types of emails as the ones you want to delete. On your computer, head to Gmail. Once open, click on the three dot icon at the top of the email on at the far right side of the icon menu. Select "Filter messages like these. Check the open square at the top left of the screen and then click "Select all conversations that match this search. Click on the trash icon and delete the emails. Do this for every type of repeat email you want to delete.

If you're worried about deleting receipts, don't fret. Companies tend to use different email addresses for marketing material and customer receipts. Companies will sometimes change the email addresses they use to send newsletters and alerts, so you may also want to find older versions of those emails and repeat this process.

This link will take you into the depths of your inbox -- pages deep, to be exact. Once there, you can find older emails and repeat the process from Step 2 to delete in bulk. You can also jump around through your inbox by editing the URL. At the end of the URL, it should say "p Deleted emails disappear from your inbox, but they'll linger for another 30 days in your Trash.

If you're in desperate need for space, scroll down on the left-hand menu of the screen and open your Trash folder. There, select "Empty Trash now" and delete everything. Now that you've cleared up space, you can also take a step to keep your inbox open using the Gmail unsubscribe button.

You can use this feature to easily stop receiving any clutter newsletters you no longer want. To do so, click on one of these newsletter emails. Once open, look for the light gray underlined "Unsubscribe" button in small letters. Click on that and then click on the large blue "Unsubscribe" button that pops up. Repeat this for any newsletter you no longer want. Now that you're cleared out, let's do something about that constantly rising counter of unread emails. I suggest using Gmail's filter features to automatically mark certain emails read without deleting them.

This is best used for things like receipts from services you often use, such as Uber, Venmo, Netflix or Apple. Start by clicking on one of these emails. Click on the three dot icon on the top left, followed by "Filter messages like these. If you need to edit or delete filters, you can find all of them by clicking on the gear icon at the top right corner of the screen and selecting "Settings.

Privacy Policy. All Rights Reserved. Data also provided by. Skip Navigation. Markets Pre-Markets U. Key Points. Longtime Gmail users may be starting to run out of the 15 gigabytes of free storage Google provides. Here's how you can delete thousands of clutter emails in bulk and free up space. You can delete clutter emails in bulk by using Gmail's "Filter messages like these" feature. Gmail's filter feature can be used to automatically mark certain types of emails as "read" as soon as they hit your inbox.

The feature can also be used to retroactively mark emails as "read. VIDEO Digital Original. Trending Now. News Tips Got a confidential news tip? We want to hear from you. Get In Touch. CNBC Newsletters.

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