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It occurs to me that I ought to make a proper list of my OTPs as defined by couples I actively sought fan fiction for. Here they are, in order of acquisition. Seriously, there are SO many epic things going down in September… I just needed to write them all down so I could better fathom it. Keep reading. Unfortunately, due to both hectic life schedules and lack of interest in Days of our Lives right now, we will no longer be updating this blog.

Deidre hall and drake hogestyn fanfiction

Deidre hall and drake hogestyn fanfiction

View Answers Drake slipped us some halll. Ask shutyourface09 a question dool john and marlena. Shocking charges of stalking, hidden millions, violence and spying are flying as the couple slugs it out in court. So last night I was having trouble sleeping and I started thinking about the DnD situation. Soap Opera Digest reported that the news "not only rocked the daytime world, it made Deidre hall and drake hogestyn fanfiction in the mainstream press. Start a Wiki. He would probably rather stay married than give her half. Makes me laugh every time. Stefano's back Diamond drops?

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And also they have come back to address a crisis that has happened in Salem. In playing the scene, I got to be suggestive and seductive and inappropriate in a lovely, innocent way. View All Posts. Ken Corday spills all. But seriously We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts. Ken Corday spills all. Nics Abasta has a degree in Development Communication. We felt it from the audience — do it! We want Deidre hall and drake hogestyn fanfiction hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts. GH alum Robert Palmer Watkins loses home in fire. Find out Bbw chubby mature older ahead this week on GH. Rubbish ratings? Camryn Grimes on her "beautiful" The Young and the Restless romance. Days of our Lives Spoilers: OctoberOctober 17,

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  • Deidre Hall may have only rejoined Days of Our Lives in September but she already has a milestone to celebrate.
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User Name: Remember Me? You have all left this world too soon. Wasen't his reunion with Marlena beautiful!? Their bickering and humor was back!

It was so beautiful, thanks to the DHs. It was full of lightening and wind and drama I love how she looks at him, I love the way they look at each other, and daym, loved him checking out her ass as she walked away. Wanna have naughty sex with your wife?

Sex on the beach anyone? Apparantly, they're getting a new, contemperary place to live, they're building a brand new one for them I hear. So yay! And they need to christen every room in the house! So awesome. It was an ad-lib by Deidre Hall too, so woot! It was? That's so cool. Days has been great lately! They were given basically no direction and sat down, discussing what to do to make it better for us fans. I love John, just not Marlena.

His scenes with Belle were great. Loving the show lately. Its really stepping up and the writing is so good. Moderator of I love John and Belle's relationship. Martha and Drake play so well off each other. Stefano's back I just might have to start watching again.

I did a random search for stefano dimera on youtube and seen the recent stuff. My Youtube Videos Crosswords. Jump right back in, Johnnie. The Phoenix has risen again. All times are GMT The time now is PM. User Name:. Who's The Daddy? Forum Affiliates. Thread Tools. View Public Profile. Visit - Linn -'s homepage! Digg del. Justin Hartley Net.

I spent two and a half years really replenishing myself, spending time with my children. Why should they return to the show now? AMC is responsible for all the characters' names in Friends. Friday, September 20th, When we opened it up on Twitter to Soaps. Continue Reading. There was no technique to it.

Deidre hall and drake hogestyn fanfiction

Deidre hall and drake hogestyn fanfiction. Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn Fired!


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Deidre hall and drake hogestyn fanfiction

Deidre hall and drake hogestyn fanfiction

Deidre hall and drake hogestyn fanfiction