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Asian Cucumber Salad — this refreshing, simple cucumber salad is a great side dish for any meal. We have been keeping our meals super simple because it is summertime and who wants to cook? I mean, I love cooking, but we are all about simple recipes during the summer. We have been eating a lot of salads , watermelon, and sweet corn. I have made this Asian Cucumber Salad a few times and I am in love.

Asian cucumber marinade

Asian cucumber marinade

Asian cucumber marinade

Sounds so good! Grilled Tofu and Chicken Pad Thai. Something about hearing those stories makes me feel closer to that person, like I Asian cucumber marinade a little glimpse into who they are. We love adding this to sliders too, adds a nice kick! If you don't own a cleaver, a meat pounder will work as well. Asian cucumber marinade For Something? Recipes by Email. Get recipes, tips and special offers in your inbox. I made this tonight and it was great! Also, I think some of the restuarnts add a bit homemade chili oil too.

Asian cucumber marinade. Notes, Tips & Tricks to make the best Asian Cucumber Salad:

Turned out very good. Asian cucumber marinade and enjoy. This Asian cucumber salad recipe is a perfect jarinade to add a light, healthy dish to your spring and summer meals. What about salting the cuke slices first to drain excess moisture before adding the dressing? My Asian cucumber marinade cuucmber to make this year round - for the really cold months she would make a batch and keep on top of our wood heating stove, not "crispy" t Gently Asian cucumber marinade together all of the ingredients until everything is evenly coated. Course: Salad, Side Dish. I use a mandoline to slice my cucumber and onion paper thin. Before cucumebr, drain liquid and place in a serving bowl to serve. I love talking with bartenders, waiters, drivers, etc that we see Full group length sex and over! I use about a teaspoon of sugar and the salad is really delicious and so quick and easy to prepare. This would be perfect with a BBQ — pinned!

This easy Asian Cucumber Salad is made with crunchy cucumber, onion, rice wine vinegar, and a few secret ingredients!

  • Easy Vinegar Marinated Cucumbers are a light, refreshing, summertime side dish.
  • Recipe by: sandradxb.

Thanks for posting this - could you tell me, do you drain the cucumber once you've tossed it in the vinegar mixture, or do you leave the cucumber slices in the vinegar while it's in the fridge? Many thanks. Tinkergirl, leave the cucumbers in the vinegar dressing. It will soak in the flavors in the fridge!

We have marinated carrots, radishes, turnips, and beets along with ever plate of arabic hummus!!! The sesame oil seems to be omitted from the prep Stella, thanks for pointing that out! I will edit the post. Appreciate the feedback!! OK - I make this over. Everyone loves it, I love it, thank you SO much for posting! I accidently made thse too salty an yway to get rid of some of the salt?

Rinse em again in water, but I already marinated them. Kinda lost as to what to do now, any ideas?? I would just rinse them again. You won't loose al of the marinate flavor, but may decrease the salinity a bit.

Anyway, I still make this all the time, and had an idea. What about putting a larger firmer cucumber into the spiralizer like zucchini noodles and then doing the same recipe? I'm imagining a cool summer side dish that twirls on a fork These cucumbers look delicious!

How long would they last in the fridge? Do you think I could leave them soaking in vinegar for a couple of weeks? I have cucumbers now but I'm having a party in 3 weeks which would go down perfectly. Thank you for sharing and inspiring me. Hi Miss Food Fairy!

I think the owner of this blog may have missed your comment, but I've made these SO many times I adore them, they are a staple and I think they would be too wet in 3 weeks. Hate to say it! But, judging by the date, I think you already had your party! Hope it worked out I thank the author of this blog every time I make these. Salt is is employed to leach the water out of the cucumbers. In the past, I have done this, but instead of rinsing them I would just blot the cucumbers with paper towels'; I fore go this step.

I used organic apple cider vinegar, in lieu of rice vinegar, as that is all I had. I added some horse radish, sesame seeds, and a little sirachi sauce and soy sauce. Looks good? Made it? Wanna try it? Leave me a Comment I love them! Thursday, April 12, Asian Marinated Cucumbers. Pin It. Labels: appetizer , asian , easy , fresh , light , quick , re-creation , side , snack , spicy , veggie.

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Asian Cucumber and Peanut Salad. Some of my all-time favorite ingredients in one bowl! I know your family will love them too. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. Probeer dan eens om er een andere draai aan te geven. Asian Marinated Cucumber Salad: This delicate, fresh, vibrant, crisp, marinated cucumber salad is the perfect accompaniment to seafood, chicken and pork dishes. I had a cucumber salad at a Thai restaurant and was looking for something similiar to make at home.

Asian cucumber marinade

Asian cucumber marinade

Asian cucumber marinade

Asian cucumber marinade. How to Make Asian Cucumber Salad

An excellent recipe that can be made zippier with just an easy change. In a saucepan on stovetop or glass measuring cup in microwave warm the vinegar, sugar, and salt stirring until everything i This is IT!! I've tried a couple recipes from this website, and neither have been the exact kind that my mom used to make. This is, though! I add a tbsp of dill and leave out the celery seed sin This is tTHE classic cucumber salad.

I've even done it with apple cider vinegar. Really the proportions are absolutely correct. These are great! I halved the recipe and it turned out wonderfully.

Easy as pie! I really liked this recipe. It was refreshing and kind of like a homemade pickle. Didn't have celery seed so omitt It's great eating it in the warmer months or any family get-together. Save to favorites. Added to shopping list. Go to shopping list. Prep 10 m Ready In 8 h 10 m Whisk vinegar, sugar, salt, and celery seed together in a large bowl; stir in cucumbers and onion.

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Asian Marinated Cucumber Salad - The Food Charlatan

This Asian cucumber salad recipe is a perfect way to add a light, healthy dish to your spring and summer meals. The marinated cucumbers with just a little heat add interest without extra work. I actually got the shakes when I was checking out and saw the number go up and up and up. Sweaty, tremble-y hands, discombobulated, everything.

Plus, whenever you move into a new place you have to stock up on everything that is usually just already in your fridge: mayonnaise, salad dressing, ice cream. You will probably live longer than me. When all the kitchen boxes were finally emptied, I had 4 pounds of powdered sugar, 30 or 40 cans of beans and tomatoes and fruit, 4 containers of cocoa powder, tons of pasta, Crisco, chocolate chips…you get the idea.

We loved this salad. It is a perfectly light side dish. If you have a mandoline , use it. If not, then you will have to slice by hand, but other than that part, this is a really easy and fast recipe. DO IT! Both of these recipes are from my friend Rebecca over at Foodie with Family. Check it out! Source: Foodie With Family.

Cilantro Lime Cucumber Salad:. Pistachio-Pear Cucumber Salad :. I love it! We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Made it exactly as instructed and it came out wonderfully. Perfect compliment to a bulgogi and spam fried rice dinner. No spicy at all. That sounds like an amazing dinner! Thanks for the review! Great recipe. So glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the review :. This sounds absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!

I think my little boy 2 and a half would enjoy this as well! He loves cucumbers. Tried it tonight, I let it marinate for about 45 min.

Served it with chicken satay and basmati rice. It was delicious!!! Definitely one of the best dinner this week. This salad is a keeper : BTW, Really like your recipes and your pictures are gorgeous!! Thank you Julie! Love the idea of pairing this with chicken satay. Thanks for coming back to comment! I think this salad would go great with that pork!

Thanks for the comment Mike! Delicious cucumber salad. I Googled Marinated Cucumber and chose this recipe because it used rice vinegar. I had already sliced the cucumbers a little thicker then called for, before I decided to check for a recipe. Love the rice vinegar in there! Good stuff. The cucumber size is a personal preference anyway I think. Thanks for visiting, and for commenting! I love hearing from people who make my recipes :.

Love the delicate flavor and the no oil factor. Looking forward to trying your Cilantro-Lime Cucumber Salad too. Found you on Pinterest. Thanks for stopping to leave a comment! It always makes me so happy to know that people are enjoying my recipes. Pingback: Cilantro-Lime Cucumber Salad. Sounds so good!

With the distilled vinegar here in the states I would say I use about half half with water and vinegar and then taste myself with sugar. We pretty much only had the curly back home but I have used flat leaf here in the US as well. Ooh Andrea that sounds so good! I love marinated cucumbers, they are so so good. I will have to try out your Swedish version! My family is Swedish after all! Oh how funny, and what a small world.

At least you were sneaking something healthy right? The only thing I was ever sneaking as a kid were cookies!! We ate dinner at about , maybe , and it was all mushy. Maybe I made the slices to thin? Not sure. By the way, I love you. Hm, this might not be the salad for you actually.

Maybe you would like it better as a fresh cucumber salad—make the dressing, let that sit for an hour or two to allow the flavors to meld, then top some sliced cucumbers with it. It would still be really good. I love you too! Instructions Slice the cucumbers as thinly as you can without slicing your hand. Or go buy a mandoline. Throw your tablespoon of sesame seeds into a small dry frying pan. Set over medium heat and stir occasionally until the seeds just begin to brown. You don't want to overdo it.

Gently toss together all of the ingredients until everything is evenly coated. Put in a container with a tight fitting lid and refrigerate for at least an hour before serving. Marinated salads like this always improve with time, so feel free to make this ahead of time. Refrigerate for up to 5 days. Gently toss again before serving. You May Also Like Pecan Maple Cookies with Maple Glaze.

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Asian cucumber marinade

Asian cucumber marinade